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Contemporary Garden Design

City Escapes have created contemporary gardens all over London, Sussex and Kent. If you want a contemporary and modern style to your garden, contact City Escapes


Contemporary Design Case Study

On our first visit to this site all that was evident was a large hole in the ground that we were assured was the basement. Surrounding this was a Potters dream of clay and a negligible amount of topsoil. The house was to be located on a sloping site and we knew from the German builder’s catalogue what the finished building would look like. 


Our brief was to come up with something basically eye catching, fairly low maintenance and to stimulate the senses. It was obvious that soil retention to form different levels was required. Stone filled Gabions, brick walls and timber were considered suitable materials for soil retention. Heavy timber was the final choice with stainless steel fixings. 


For the paving material black slate was utilised laid onto a mass concrete base. The potters clay and existing topsoil would need copious amounts of Gypsum, grit and organic matter to improve structure prior to planting. The plant element would range from ferns, bamboo, grasses, perennials and shrubs.

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