Olive from Italy to Sussex

3 ton Olive lifted by a Coussens crane over the Oast and New build project.  Also lifted in was a 5m high Prunus Autumnalis from Germany.

There are plants to suit every budget and immediate impact was the key here. There was no access across the lawn for heavy lifting machinery and the living accommodation was under construction. The most cost efficient method was to engage Coussens crane hire to lift and install into a prepared planting pit.


The proposed location being heavy clay required extensive pre-planting preparation. The structural engineer required concrete block walls to a depth of five foot to protect the foundations of the new build. The subsequent six foot plus square hole was then back-filled with horticultural grit and fresh top soil from Lincolnshire.  The tree was supported by the underground Platipus anchor system.




Crane lifting an autumn cherry.


Two  trees were to be planted on the property.  Both trees were tried in the location before planting to help the client decide which looked the best.